Gabriela Scherrer

Gabriela Scherrer is a dancer, performer, fitness instructor and educator based in Seattle. She is originally from Colima, México where she started her dance training in classical ballet at the age of 10. Upon arriving to Seattle in 2007 she fell in love with the diversity of cultures the States had to offer and began exploring different styles of dance and self-expression arts; taking her love to dance to the stages as a local performer.

She is currently a Barre3 Instructor, a technique that combines “ballet barre, yoga and Pilates” with a strong emphasis on Mind-body connection.

Gabriela’s work is strongly influenced by the believe that there is a connection between our internal world and the external-physical one.

“When we consciously shift a part of ourselves another one will react. The whole body is a team”

Gabriela strives to continue to develop herself deeper into the Art of Movement, both as a self expression form and as a healing path, in order to help others to find joy, freedom and identity in their bodies.